Uncontested Divorce In Texas - Grand Prairie Texas

Uncontested Divorce In Texas - Grand Prairie Texas

An uncontested divorce can seem to be a straightforward and simple solution when both parties are in agreement on how the separation is to proceed.

The biggest obstacle is getting the paperwork filled out properly and submitted to the court system in the manner in which your state, and perhaps your local county demands them to be done.

Realistically almost everyone who attempts to complete and submit their divorce forms get something wrong and have to get the forms corrected. Understand, these are legal binding documents and the state of Texas simply will not process your divorce if the basic forms aren't correct.

It takes a minimum of 60 days, if all goes well. A lot longer if you are doing the trial and error approach. Some couples have reported being stuck in a marriage for over a year after their first submission attempt because of the technical back and forth nature of not knowing how the process works.

If you just want a quick, clean divorce the best way to make this happen is to get a professional to file the forms on your behalf. You'll know that the divorce submission process is done right and you can expect to be single again in the shortest amount of time.

Please do try to complete an uncontested divorce on your own. Instead call us first as our firm can make it a painless process. We work in the Grand Prairie area so we can set up a free consultation to sit down and explain the divorce process with you.

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Basic TEXAS DIVORCE Principles,

from the Parties: The husband or wife that files the petition for divorce (i.e. initiates the divorce with all the court) is called the "Petitioner". Another partner is called the "Respondent".

Jurisdiction: Texas courts only have jurisdiction to grant divorces for Texas residents. So,
one of the spouses has to be a Texas resident for six months just before the date the petition for divorce is filed in Texas.

A minimum of 1 spouse need to reside inside the county in which the divorce is filed for at least 90 days prior to the filing from the divorce petition.

No Fault: Texas
is actually a No Fault Divorce State. "No Fault" indicates that one partner Doesn't need to prove the other spouse has carried out something incorrect in order to acquire a divorce. You'll be able to NOT be held inside a marriage in the event the other spouse will not need to indicator or refuses to participate in the divorce process.

Cooling Off
Period: Texas courts can not grant a divorce until 61 days have passed from your date the petition was filed. This cooling off period supposedly aids couples who change their mind.

Time period: After the divorce decree is signed through the judge, each and every husband or wife can technically file an appeal for thirty days. As such, neither partner can get married till the divorce decree is last (30 days has elapsed from the date in which the judge signed divorce decree).

Grand Praire Texas Uncontested Divorce In Texas

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